Busato Group is professional and does of searching and innovation its streght.

It is always available, 7 days a week to make normal and extraordinary maintenance of all thermo-hydraulic mechanical equipment.

BUSATO GROUP’s offert ranging from consulting services to delivery of the finished project.



Busato group produces, for every realized system, a manual for maintenance with:

  • Manual with diagram system
  • Maintenance’s manual
  • System’s instructions



Your appointment calendar.

The our operations remember to you all the appointments.

The our partners at your disposal:

BUSATO Group to work with a lot of construction workers for your convenience, always helpfully.

BUSATO detraction. We look after the legal documents.

BUSATO group in fact offer to you expert advice of the documents useful to have fiscal benefit for the services realized. So BUSATO group is more convenient.

BUSATO group sacred art.

Exclusive research of the funds for sacred art.

BUSATO group. Guarantee assistance, always. All days.

BUSATO group expert advice.

Free inspection of the place and free estimate of the future project, with an expert advice in order to have right solution and to save money.

BUSATO group test and control.

All systems are checked and tested, with particular instruments. Special detectors to warn our specialists about eventually problems. In this way the quality is always at the best.

BUSATO group: personal project of the systems, to check of the investment about
alternative energy.